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COVID-19 is Here to Stay, So What Do I Do?

Small businesses are the life source of America. They bring communities together, support local schools, and breathe life into local economies. Small businesses develop the landscapes we live on, make the food we eat, ensure our living spaces are safe, and care for the sick. Americans have always supported local businesses and agree that they are incredibly important, so what can I do to keep my small business healthy when everyone is in quarantine, penny-pinching, and afraid of the times to come?

Long story short, you have a massive competitive advantage over big business. It is the personal relationships you have with your community, your friends, and your clients. A competitor or a corporation could never take that away from you. Now is the most important time ever for you to air your message out digitally as computer and phone usage skyrocket in your communities. Remind your community, your friends, and your clients that you are there for them, in good times and in bad. When times get tough, we pull together and truly support those we care about. So take a chance and do what it takes to stand out, to keep afloat, and to revolutionize the way you reach out to your customers. 

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