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How Small Business Marketing PPC (Pay Per Click) Geo-targeting Will Get You More Contracts

Geo-targeting, local PPC, geographic targeting, location-targeting all describe the same small business marketing strategy. It’s a small but mighty detail in the big PPC marketing picture.

In this blog article, we’ll cover the benefits of local PPC. If you’re interested in advertising your small business online and attracting qualified customers, keep reading.

Powers of geo-targeting for small business marketing

The powers of geo-targeting in small business marketing far exceed targeting searchers in a defined location. They extend total control over your budget, campaign duration, and Click-through Rate (CTR) optimization.


Geo-targeting can help marketers and advertisers target their audience with laser-focused precision. Not only can they target people in a specific location, but they can also exclude other locations.

It’s the balance between casting a wide net and a narrowed approach.

Fast Results

PPC campaigns are easy to set up, and they show quick results. You can run a PPC campaign and start getting calls in a few days, especially during seasons when your services are most needed.

Compared to long-term strategies such as SEO, local PPC is much faster at getting results.


You might have to pay a premium for the keywords that get high search volumes. However, when you start understanding your audience better, you can lower the costs.

The more you target lively areas with exact keywords, the less your ad spend will be. When you optimize your PPC campaign, you can find hidden keywords that get more searches at a lower cost.


Every advertising platform offers geo-location. Whether you’re advertising on search engines like Google or social networks like Facebook, you can locate and target your audience.

Since it can help you show up everywhere, you may show your advertising across multiple platforms. Thus, you seem omnipresent to your target audience. It’ll increase your chances of becoming more and more relevant.


Big Data removes the risk from local PPC. Everything you need to know is in the data. So, you’re never flying blind because you can track the results of your campaign in real-time.

It allows you to analyze, track, and optimize your campaign for maximum Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

You can experiment with all elements of your campaign, not just geographic targeting. That way, you know what’s wrong with your campaign and tweak it.

Don’t gamble with your small business marketing money!

Too many small businesses invest hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars in local PPC. However, they give up when they don’t see the expected results.

When your ad quality isn’t top-notch, search engines might actually penalize you - even when you’re the highest bidder.

For location-targeting to work, you need a strategy. At N&M Marketing Group, we help local contractors, plumbers, electricians, and painters to make the most of every advertising dollar. Driving costs down while attracting qualified leads to your business.

Contact us today to inquire about our small business marketing package in Orange County, California. Let us help you set up, launch, and optimize your local PPC campaign and start getting more contracts within a few days.

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